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A League Not My Own

14 Aug

This is one of my few posts that have nothing to do with my travels, but came out of a conversation I just had with a friend.

Ever see girls who aren’t terribly attractive or nice or funny or smart-or whatever fill in the blank qualifier that would give an adonis reason to date her-but are with really good-looking, kind, smart, talented-insert whatever fill in the blank qualifier that would make him desireable-guys?  Due to our actual concern with PERSONALITY we often see women dating men that are surprising choices, but it is rare to see the opposite…rare, but it does happen.

And before you start judging me, when you see this type of rare case don’t tell me you don’t secretly want to go up to the guy and ask him “WHAT IS IT ABOUT HER??” before internally giving yourself the “you know you ain’t right” look in your mind’s mirror and proceeding to try to erase the previous moment’s cattiness with benevolent thoughts directed towards her.  “Well I’m sure she’s really lovely one on one…she does have a winning smile…”

SoWHY AM I NEVER THAT GIRL? I was just telling a friend I would LOVE to be the one dating the guy so all the shallow people say “why is he with her??” Not that there have been many boyfriends (old-fashioned late bloomer, you do the math), but all the guys I’ve dated have been decidedly in my league.  In fact if we’re being honest I think I was doing at least one a favor, but I’d never say who.

I digress: Just once I want a boyfriend where people raise their eyebrows as if to say “how’d she pull him?”

Photo by Andy Newson

Meaning there would exist such a discrepancy in our comparable awesomeness that people wonder if he’s marrying me because he wants to work for my dad (who they would assume of course, is a billionaire if this guy is going out with me) or I’m blackmailing him or something.  Hmph. http://www.lifeisnotfair.com