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General Traveler Words to the Wise

23 Jul

I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know Mumbai and Bombay were the same! Anyway I came here alone and was a bit intimidated, but all was fine.  Here are a few precautions to take and all were necessary today:

  • Have some kind of manila envelope or packet in which you keep your passport, plane ticket, and BAGGAGE TAGS (yes, you need to keep them cuz the one time you don’t will be the time they check).  If you’re occasionally scatterbrained like me, this is a good way to always have your important things in one place, that way you aren’t rifling through your bag every time you need something.
  • If you book online, have the name, street address, and phone number of your hotel written down, I did and needed that info for my immigration card upon arrival in India.
  • If you booked your hotel online, have the confirmation number written down, don’t only rely on them having your name in the system because sometimes they won’t.  I had the number and they asked for it!
  • Change money at the airport.  They do rip you off sometimes and it may be cheaper to do it in town, but changing at least $50 is a good idea because you’ll most likely have to tip your driver and the hotel folks!
  • Piggybacking off the above, ask for a few small notes (10’s or 20’s), because if you only have 50’s and it’s time to tip, it’s a bit awkward to have to ask for change or give them more than you’d want to!
  • Take an official taxi.  Now is not the time to try to cut costs on an unidentified cab offering you a “deal” cuz that deal may just be you hanging out on the side of the road with just the clothes on your back…if you’re lucky.  Call the hotel to let them know you are on your way before you get in the cab.
  • If the shuttle to a hotel is complimentary, make sure to contact the hotel personally before you fly and give them your arrival time at the airport or you’ll be waiting for them to come pick someone else up before you get a ride.
Happy trails!