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Heading Out!

23 Jul

Yep super cranky on my last post, but “sometimes it be’s like that.”  No sugar daddy appeared, but my REAL daddy did guess I may need a hookup and sent a bit! Thank God for parents who can help you out sometimes. No joke, it is a real blessing and I know everyone doesn’t have that so I am grateful.

I was able to get what I needed to done and now…I’M IN INDIA! OH YEAH!

I was running around crazy on Thursday trying to get my shots and all the things I knew I may not find (at least not for cheap) outside of the USA and flaked on meeting all my friends to say goodbye, felt very lame about that.

Packing was ok but I still had a hard time editing.  This leg is a bit easier than the first because for the most part, we’ll be in warm weather, packing for hot and cold was a pain! LOL with that said my luggage is only just a bit lighter. You do the math. 😉