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Oooh lemme start lovin myself!

24 Jul

I was on gchat with my friend Ron* and I mentioned a smart, fun, accomplished, and pretty friend of mine who has had a hard time finding Mr. Right.  The older she gets, the more she worries, and I hope she stops because she is abfab.

Anyway Ron goes “does she travel a lot?” and I said yes, then realizing that I too will be traveling a lot for work, the convo went as follows:

Me: Oh well maybe I’ve been formed exactly for this kind of work

Me: cuz I could take a man or leave him sometimes

Me: then again I’m not *insert age*…

Ron: You two are your own worst enemies

Me: I don’t feel like an enemy

Me: I feel like my ex’s have been my worst enemies…

Ron: Ok

Puh-LEEZ, Mr. Right’ll come, white horse and all.  I’m not gonna stop chasing my goals in my life just because I’m hoping I’ll find a man.  I know many a frequent-flier-mile-free lady with a permanent address at 39 SamePlace Drive who are still manless and I know globetrotters who have found dream guys, so I’m not gonna sweat it.

Besides, “I’m beautiful, dammit!”

*-Please excuse me, I’ve been up all night backing up files and writing so I have post diarrhea.