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Trip to India

23 Jul

My flight was ok, though the old me would have wanted to pinch someone.  Flight was full and I was sandwiched between two people, one of whom seemed to think her life depended on touching or bumping me at least twice an hour.  And there were none of the (i’m now seeing not so) universal acknowledgments of sorry, oops, sheepish smile, nada!

UPSIDE: TONS OF MOVIES, MOVIES, MOVIES! I watched 3 and a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory!  So aside from getting occasionally checked by the chick next to me, the flight was relatively painless and went by really quickly!

I got to Dubai and thought I’d seen the end of the touchy-feelies, but the man behind me bumped into me with every step we moved forward,I’m  starting to think I’ll have to loosen my ideas about personal space…oh well that and the word “excuse me” as I haven’t heard that during any of this physical contact!  LOL. Whatever, I can roll with it!

I normally love Emirates, but staff was a bit off today.

On the initial flight the attendant guy asked what drink I wanted, I said apple juice, then he brought a tray with a soda and an apple juice.  I reached for the apple juice and he goes “please take your drink ma’am” so I thought uh..maybe he wants me to take the whole thing to give a drink to the lady next to me so I reached for the whole tray and he didn’t let me.  He told me to take my drink again so I started to reach for the apple juice and perturbed now (as was I) he goes “ma’m, didn’t you order 7-Up??” and I went “no, apple juice!!!!” And then he was like “oh ok.”

Is it THAT deep? Why not just clarify the drink I ordered in the first place instead of insisting I take the soda, weirdo, is there a short supply of apple juice?? LOL.  Then later the same dude said he’d go get my meal (they didn’t have the lamb on his cart) and never came back.   Then for breakfast he brought me pancakes instead of eggs. Ugh@thingsthatmakeyouthinkyou’reonpunk’d. But again, the fun televisions distracted me enough not to care very much.

The next flight to Mumbai was totally fine.  The air attendant was so sweet the entire flight, so even though she forgot my food too (YES), I didn’t mind as much.  I’m easily bought.