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Fun and Sushi

5 Dec

Mike and I went and ate at the Sushi bar at the Mamba point hotel. We had a great time and the food was surprisingly delicious! I say surprising because the chefs are definitely not Japanese *bit they probably figured most folks here wouldn’t know the dif) but also because it’s Liberia, one ddoesn’t think of Liberia and Sushi)


Our leaving ‘do.

2 Sep

For our going away meal we ate at a place called Mos Opinca right outside of Deva.  The views are lovely, but the service is pretty slow.  The food was good, not GREAT, mind you, but what I had was pretty yummy, I’d go back.  My dish was mashed up beans and homemade sausages, but they should have just called this the Lorena Bobbitt special.





6 Jun

We got briefed about a few things today and in the evening I hung out at Rainbow Cafe, which I love.  The warm lighting, mellow music and tons of plants just give it a cool vibe in the evenings.  Their happy hour drinks prices are good, however the drinks themselves are pretty weak.  Still a lovely place, it’d be nice for a date night!