Birds Flying High…

6 Jan




26 Dec

Today we went to lunch at my aunt’s house and five of the old folks in my family had a pow-wow about why I am not married.  They decided that I am too picky and poo-poo’ed all my valid concerns about the candidates they named “and about ex’s! “Mom he was running all over the place,”

“yes but he probably started looking around because you didn’t want to get married and he was ready!”

Yes or maybe I didn’t want to get serious because I didn’t want to be wondering where my husband was at 4 in the morning.

Then they asked me what i wanted, they told me to give examples of guys that are my type,I  Ssaid “the ones i’m thinking of are taken, I don’t want THEM, but I’d like someone like them!” They said “it’s ok, we understand, tell us anyway,” I hesitated, but took the bait and my uncle goes “BUT HE’S MARRIED! You want to break up a home????” See…I can’t even.  That was a total trap!

Anyway, the convo ended with my aunt saying “we need to pray for Carielle.” And y’all wonder why folks kill themselves over the holidays. SMH

Fun and Sushi

5 Dec

Mike and I went and ate at the Sushi bar at the Mamba point hotel. We had a great time and the food was surprisingly delicious! I say surprising because the chefs are definitely not Japanese *bit they probably figured most folks here wouldn’t know the dif) but also because it’s Liberia, one ddoesn’t think of Liberia and Sushi)

Quick stop in Jo’burg

29 Nov

We stayed at Life Hotel right near the airport last night, it’s a great place to stay.  We were on our way to Nairobi from Mozambique, so it was a really quick stop, otherwise, I wouldn’t really suggest it, the area isn’t the greatest.

Life is a great transit hotel, though!  Staff was cool, there’s a free shuttle to and from the airport and to destinations nearby, plus, free breakfast.